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Application Template/Rules

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Application Template/Rules

Post by KingDoogan on Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:06 pm

Thank you for for interest in helping to moderate the server. Please read all of the following rules and follow the template to ensure your best chance at being promoted.

If you are a VIP, Trusted, or User, you must apply for Trial-Moderator first. Trial-Moderator is a rank where you are given a set time of two weeks to prove that you can be trusted with further staff ranks. If you are good and do not abuse anything, you will be given Operator when the trial period is up, if you mess up even once, you are set back down to VIP, Trusted, or User.

In order to apply for a promotion you MUST meet these requirements or else you will be immediately ignored:
-You've read the rules and have memorized them.
-Have at least 20 in-game hours logged.

Rules For Applying & Commenting:
1) You must have a total of 10 in-game hours played before applying for any rank.
2) You may be quizzed on rules to ensure that you know them, read them all over multiple times.
3) Make sure you are active (At least 1hr per day. Not necessary but hey, show some commitment)
4) You are not allowed to post in your own promotion application. If you need to add information, edit it into the original post.
5) You are not allowed to start a flame war over someone else's comment.
6) If you've read all these rules, add MRP at the very end of your application.
7) If you want to post a comment on an application, you must have a -1 or +1 support along with evidence or reason why you posted. Always explain your opinion.
Cool Do not post more than once per application, if you have something else to say add it to your original post.
9) Do not respond to any post, this includes commenter vs another commenter. Your post should not be biased.
10) Do not mention, talk about, or spread the link to your application. Anyone caught talking about their application will automatically be denied.
11) Your title must be [Your Name][Position].
12) If your application is denied once, you may not re-apply for at least a week. If it is denied twice, you may not re-apply for two weeks. If it is denied three times, you may not re-apply without proper consent from admins.
13) You must be at least 15 years old to apply. If you feel that you are mature enough even if you are younger, you may eligible. Fox_Wilson will decide you're fate.
14) If you're commenting on an application, your post needs to be meaningful with information about why you're giving it a +1/0/-1. Provide evidence as to what they've done to deserve your ranking. Joke replies aren't allowed.
15) You are not allowed to bump your application.
16) You are not allowed to lie on any part of your application, if caught you will be denied.

Hierarchy of ranks from top to bottom:
Neru -- Owner's
User/Trusted/VIP/SVIP  ---- SVIP = Super V.I.P

How Long To Wait Before Applying For A Promotion:
Trial-Moderator to Moderator: Minimum 2 weeks after promotion to Moderator. Minimum of 70 hours logged ingame.
Moderator to Admin: Minimum 3 weeks after promotion to Moderator. Minimum of 168 hours logged ingame.
Admin to Super-Admin: Cannot be applied for currently, we will hand pick Super-Admins.

Procedure for Applying:
1. If you want to apply for staff, post your application in the correct board.
Do not post it in "Promotion Applications" or "Promotion Applications -> Applications". If you're applying for say Moderator, you'd post it in "Promotion Applications -> Moderator Applications". Any post in the wrong location will be automatically denied.
2. Fill out the application template below.
3. Wait patiently for a response from myself or Fox_wilson.
4. We will hold a live interview through skype for every applicant prior to promotion during which we'll ask you questions about how you would handle certain situations and how well you understand the rules.
5. If your application is accepted, you will be promoted.
6. Trial-Moderators will go through a training period for two weeks where they will be evaluated and further decisions will be made based on their performance.

You may not talk about your application to anybody(Including me). If you are caught talking about your application over steam chat, the servers, the forums, your application will be DENIED.

Application Template:

Steam Name (Current):

Steam ID:

Steam Profile Link:

In-Game Name:

Real Age:

Do you have a microphone?:

Current Rank:

Have you ever been banned or kicked? If so, why?:

Do you have any warnings? If so, why?:

How long have you been playing on MasterpieceRP?:

Do you have any previous administrative experience with ULX?:

If you have been a staff member before, on what servers?:

Why do you want to be promoted?:

Write 5+ sentences full on why you deserve to be promoted:

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