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MasterpieceRP Rules

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MasterpieceRP Rules

Post by KingDoogan on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:00 am

Please, respect our rules to keep the server clean.
If you disrespect those rules, depending on how bad it was, you will have to deal with the Administration of the server.

1. Server crashing attempts.
1.1. Do not ever attempt to crash the server, that will result in a perm ban.
1.2. Don't propspam this will result in a 30 day ban.

2. Annoying & Disrespecting
2.1. Don't Minge. Mingebags aren't welcome.
2.2. Don't troll. You can always have fun with OOC if you don't abuse or use do that in the right moment.
2.3. Don't ever disrespect or bully someone. We won't let disrespectful players ruin our players experience at all.
2.4. Don't micspam or random talk on the mic.
2.5. Always cooperate with the staff. Do not argue with them if you don't have reasons to. Report to a superior staff rank if you don't agree with an staff comportment.
2.6. Do NOT Prop block and always double check to see if your keypads/buttons are working on fading doors.

3. Killing
3.1. Don't ever attempt to propkill. (accidents may happen so as long as the player you killed says it was fine then it's all good)
3.2. Don't ever RDM.
3.3 Everytime you wan't to kill, make a complex RP or talk with the target if he agrees to it.
3.4. KoS. No KoS signs and only KoS if someone has broken into your house/base.
(OPTIONAL) I'd prefer if you would roleplay the situation to make it a bit more fun. Example: take them hostage till a police officer arrives.

4. Roleplaying
4.1. Avoid failRP. Ask for help if you are in need.
4.2. Don't Metagame.
(Metagaming: Gaining knowledge from Out-Of Character to use and abuse in RP Situation's)

Bad example: Hello john doe how do i become a secret agent like you?

Good example: Hello sir/ma'am my name is doogan, what would your name be?

Minge System:

If we find that you have broken some rules as soon as you got on the server for the first time. we will put you into the "minge group"

This group is a match made in heaven for minges. You will not have any weapons/keys, you only get "gmod hands" You will not be able to spawn props, you will not be able to run/walk very fast, you will also be put into a special prison cell just for you.

Every time you connect to the server from then on. you will still be stuck in this situation/group till you learn your lesson.

You will also be used as our test subject for some pretty nasty custom commands we have made.

Example command: Anti minge- Godmode+Mauled+Ragdolled ----Hear the sounds of Satan while you're stuck in the one spot being hit over and over by zombies and not being able to use the kill console command. oh and normal players can freely kill you and abuse you with no consequences.

Consequences for breaking the rules
You will get a permanent warning on your account for each rule broken via our aWarn system.

How our warning system works:

Sometimes you may just get a warning for breaking these rules and if you get the amount's of warnings (as shown blow) on the same day/week, these will be your result's.

3x Warns - 2 day ban. -----1 time only.

5+ Warns - Put into our minge system for two weeks. -----1 time only.

Rule breaking outcome's:


   1st time - Slay*
   2nd time - Slay 2 rounds*
   3rd time - Ban 24 hours
   4+ times - Ban 5 days
   * If you're slain for RDM, you have to stay or it's considered RDM & leave.

RDM & leave

   1st time - Ban 5 days
   2nd time - Ban 2 weeks
   3rd time - Ban 4 weeks


   1st time - Gag/mute
   2nd time - Gag/mute for a round*
   3rd time - Ban 8 hours
   * If you keep spamming in admin chat after being muted, you will be banned for 24 hours.


   1st time - Warning
   2nd time - Kick
   3rd time - Ban 24 hours
   4th time - Ban 5 days

Ghosting, Hacking & Cheating

   1st time - 30 day ban
   2nd time - Perm Ban

Porn/Gore Sprays

   1st time - Warn
   2nd time - Kick
   3rd time - Ban 5 days

Prop abuse/Spam

  1st time - Warn
  2nd time - Kick
  3rd time - Ban 2 days

Punishments are subject to change under an admin's discretion.

Click the link to appeal a ban:
Ban Appeal

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