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Staff Application for Kat

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Staff Application for Kat

Post by [GG] ❄️*<}Kat❄ on Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:34 pm

Steam Name (Current): [GG] ❄️*<}Kat❄️

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:91643366

Steam Profile Link:

In-Game Name: Kat

Real Age: 13

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Current Rank: User

Have you ever been banned or kicked? If so, why?: No I have not been banned before.

Do you have any warnings? If so, why?: I used to have warnings for typing alot (Spam)

How long have you been playing on MasterpieceRP?:

More than 10 hours
Do you have any previous administrative experience with ULX?:

I only know a few commands
If you have been a staff member before, on what servers?:
No I have not
Why do you want to be promoted?:
Because I want to help out the server for it to grow and become one of the best servers Very Happy
Write 5+ sentences full on why you deserve to be promoted:
I think I deserve to be promoted because I could help out others get rid of those who want to minge as well as deepening each other's friendship and be able to have them trust me just like how much I trust them and respect them. I could help out with people who break rules or disobey staff's commands. For e.g. If there was someone being racist. I would mute them for 45 minutes for Racism and if someone was promoting suicide I would mute them permamently and tell them if they want to get unmuted they can either donate or post a forum about trying to be unmuted.
If I caught someone minging I would firstly tell them to stop and give them a warning and if they continue they will be kicked. and the 3rd strike would be either a ban or a tempban (depends on the situation)
I have been quite expierienced at using tools.

My current time zone is UTC + 07: 00 but when I get back from Australia it will be AEST

Thank you for reading my application
Kind regards
Tom -

[GG] ❄️*<}Kat❄
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New Here

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