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Ranks & ULX Command's

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Ranks & ULX Command's

Post by KingDoogan on Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:03 am

Each group will get the same comands as previous ranks. These are just the extra commands you will get access to when promoted
some commands have restrictions set.

EXAMPLE: moderators can ban players from 5mins to one hour ----this is not a rule this is just what we set in the ulx menu.
We have given access for moderators to ban because moderators take a lot of shit from players.

We do not allow anyone accept for staff manager to add people to groups. only us owners have full access to user management.

1.Utility: Kick

Trial Moderator access:
1.Chat: mute, !warn.
2.Fun: God, set HP 20-100, Jail, notepad.
3.Teleport: Goto, Warp.
4.Utility: forcerespawn, administrate.

Moderator access:
1.Chat: gag, gimp, mute.
2.Fun: cloak, set HP 20-200, Shock, Jail.
3.Teleport: return.
4.Utility: ban 5mins-1hr, forcerespawn, get friends list, spectate.

Admin access:
1.Chat: asay, ccay, csaycolor, notifications, pgag, printpgags, psay, tsay, tsaycolor.
2.Fun: armor, blind, freeze, HP 20-1000, launch, ragdoll, slap, strip, slay, whip, physgunplayer.
3.Teleport: bring, fbring, fteleport, send.
4.Utility: ban 5mins-3days, bancheck, dban, exit, enter, give.

Superadmin access:
1.Chat: Full Access.
2.Fun: giveammo, gravity, ignite, maul, speed, scale.
3.Teleport: setwarp.
4.Utility: ban, ip, banip, banid, unban, remove curent warns but can not delete all.
5.Doogan's fun stuff: Anti Minge.

Staff Manager access:
1.User management: add user, remove user.
2.Utility: Delete all warnings.

1.User management: Full Access.
2.Utility: Bots.

I didn't bother adding all the  typical ulx commands but they're there and some have access to more then others <3

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